2012 American Eagle Silver Dollar

Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
2012. Programs already Enacted: National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center In 2011, the current design of the American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin will have been in use Proposed candidate designs for the 2010 American Veterans… Continue reading

2011 American Eagle Silver Dollar

October 29, 2011 Coins And Antiques
Morgan dollar AU-55 35 1902-S Morgan dollar, low mintage VG 36 1903 Morgan dollar, better date XF/AU 37 1903-S Morgan dollar, low mintage VG+ October 29, 2011 coin set with silver… Continue reading

2010 American Eagle Silver Dollar

First Decimal Coins Of The Bahamas
Of the Bahamas Inspection of Gold at Fort Knox RCM Releases New Silver Bullion Coin 52 nd Annual NCNA Convention Coming in October 2010 American Eagle The silver 50 Cents and One Dollar coins… Continue reading

2009 American Eagle Silver Dollar

Earn $200,000 Plus Income Unlimited
Results by Product Program Sales of American Eagle gold and silver bullion products drove most of In FY 2009, the United States Mint plans to thoroughly reexamine the 36 FY 2008 Bullion Revenue, Cost… Continue reading

2008 American Eagle Silver Dollar

1.25 10 or more $1.10 each Century Set Holder Century Set holder, colorful display, holds Morgan Dollar and American Silver Eagle, includes vinyl sleeve. 23.95 Supplemental Page 8 for #7100/pg 4 for #7102 2007*2021..$4.50 Supplemental Page 9… Continue reading

2007 American Eagle Silver Dollar

The Wreckageof
First 100attendees to sign up for FreedomFest 2008 will receive a brilliant uncirculated American Eagle silver dollar.. November 2007 "Stupid people, they run their trains with a mere 20% capacity; we, in India, run ours with 125%… Continue reading

2006 American Eagle Silver Dollar

From The Director:
September 11th for 7 weeks 6:30 p.m at the Salisbury WSW office Cost: $35 class includes free book from Martha Stover-special for WSW Register by calling 410-548-7880 Contest for Survivors & Supporters: Sell the most raffle tickets… Continue reading

2005 American Eagle Silver Dollar

Kennedy half dollars uncirculated a. 1/2002 d, 1/2002 p, 1/2003 d, 1/2003 p, 1/2004 d, 1/2004 p, 2/2005 d, 2/2005 p 50. sacagawea dollar proof - 2005 s 51. $1.00 silver american eagle… Continue reading

2004 American Eagle Silver Dollar

Coin Catalog
Eagle Cents 1911 Liberty Nickel 19- 1857 Thomas Jefferson Gold Dollar MS 63 20- 1858 Small Letters 2004 P Sacajawea Dollar Dollar (rare) 70- Lincoln Cent 1941-33- 1964 D Roosevelt Dime MS 64 34- 1962 Ben Franklin Half… Continue reading

2003 American Eagle Silver Dollar

B.U. (2-A) $25 2003-P Missouri Uncentered Broadstrike B.U. (2-A) $40 2003-P Arkansas Partial Collar strike. to the 197x also listed, this 1 1/2" in diameter Kennedy on scrap… Continue reading