Silver American Eagles

Commonly referred to as the modern silver dollar, the silver American Eagles dollars are authorized legal tender coins, under a congressional act. This coin variant is also manufactured at the West Point Mint. These have a commercial value of one dollar, although the actual market price is a bit higher, because the price of silver that is used to make these coins fetches a much higher price than the coin’s actual face value.

First Batch Of Coins Were Produced in 1986
According to US coin experts, the first batch of the silver American eagles were produced in 1986. The good thing about the American silver eagle is that apart from the rest of the silver medallions and bars produced; these are officially recognized as legal tender, while the rest are not. These coin variants are guaranteed by the US government, with regard to the purity of the material, as well as the weight of the coin. These coins currently are highly-prized and popular, not only in the US but overseas as well.

What sets the silver American eagles a notch higher than the rest is that they have a unique design imprinted on the surface of the coins. A lot of people regard the design printed on the silver American eagle coin to be one of the most beautiful imagery ever made. In addition, the instant liquidity these coins attain ensures that at any moment you that you decide to sell them or exchange them, you will be given the true value of the coin.

Silver American Eagle Design
The silver American Eagles is decorated with the Walking Liberty design, which was the creation of Adolph Weinman. The Walking Liberty design was first used for the Silver Half coins in 1916, and the design continued to be used until 1947, until which it was then suspended. The Walking Liberty design was revitalized in 1986. The coin’s reverse side features a unique bit of aggressive design, which is based on John Mercanti’s heraldic eagle. The eagle stands beside a shield that features 13 stars, which are suggestive of the original 13 colonies of the United States of America.

The coins are not only valued for their stunning and intricate design, but also for their rich historical value, as well as the purity of the silver content. The silver American eagles are also known to be the largest ever silver coin to be created in the history of the US Mint. According to government regulations, each of the coins must contain 1.0000 troy ounces of .9993 silver, and the coin must have a diameter of 40.6 mm.

The silver American eagle features a shiny, mirror-like finish on the background, as well as frosted finish on the relief side. On the reverse of the proof coins of the silver American Eagles feature a frosted background, and a shiny relief side. The coin also has an inverse pyramid of 13 stars which lies over the eagle’s head, and the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 1 OZ. FINE SILVER ~ ONE DOLLAR are inscribed on it.

Silver American Eagle as Legal Tender
The silver American eagle is a coin that serves as legal tender, and is also a classic piece of monetary beauty. It is produced according to the most exacting standards imposed by the US Mint. The coins also provide an affordable way for people to acquire government-minted coins, and also serve as a wonderful means of investment. These coins also are popularly given as gifts. Moreover, silver American Eagles are prized by veteran coin collectors and connoisseurs.

Silver American eagles are reliable and convenient investment materials, because you don’t need to accumulate bullion bars by bulk. This silver coin is also an accepted piece of legal tender for funding Individual Retirement Accounts, or IRA. The actual price of this coin variant is determined by the prevailing market price of silver, and a minimal mark-up fee is also levied, which also serves as a premium.

Before you purchase an American Eagle silver coin, first you need to determine its legitimacy by checking out standard reference guides before you buy them. As a rule of thumb among collectors of silver American Eagles as well as other coins, remember the popular saying which goes “buy the book before you by the coin”.