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In 1776, the Continental Congress authorized plans to produce a silver coin the Draped Bust variety: small eagle (1795–1798) and heraldic eagle (1798–1804). Original silver dollars from this period are highly prized by coin many of these GSA dollars have been broken out of their special holders ... Read Article

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$3500 and kept for 15 years, acquired by present owner on Ebay in (5) $100 1608 Accessories, 18 boxes of Renniks Self Adhesive coin holders in various sizes together with 'Eagle Good very fi ne. $90 Ex Banking & Currency Museum. 1629 * Coin case, chased leaf pattern, c.1920 in nickel silver, with ... Retrieve Full Source

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Some nice information on coin collecting: Silver Coin And .com the grade suffers and the value goes down.Looks like I have to invest in coin holders Coin Collecting - How to Start to Collect Coins & What to Collect - Coin Co Ultra-High Relief UHR Double Eagle UHRDE ... Read Article

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Limited edition M/Sheets seen, PNC etc etc. (47 sets, 23 M/S or sheetlets, 3 coin covers etc) $ Suit market/fair dealer or ebay internet seller. 354 Belgium M/Sheets on leaves & hagners 1941-70s MLH (20 diff), Newfoundland 1935 KGV Silver ... View Full Source

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Mexico 19452 pesos gold 4.2007 American Silver Eagle 5.1896-OMorgansilver dollar 6.1993U. Announcements were made by Treasurer, Larry Benson telling everyone that Ken Barr's eBay listings Larry Benson reported that the Presidential Set holders have been received from Capital Plastics. ... View Document

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DENTS OR DEFECTS NOTATED WERE EITHER IN THE DESCRIPTION OR GRADING SERVICES’ HOLDERS. Offer valid on purchases made from mikebyers.com, eBay and at coin shows. Leaves Variety Struck on F lawed Planchet M ajor Mint Errors on F lowing Hair and Small Eagle Silver ... Read Here

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Reproducer – Columbia Eagle (needs some work U.S. Mint – Edison Collectors Set, 2004 silver coin. RCA that appears to be .999 one ounce silver ingot, a Canada Commemorate 25 year piece, 1982 Mardi Gras, RCA coin box (empty), Victor needle box. 1077. 1078rm. Record Holders for ... Read Document

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Hal Penny Coin Pin 1958 Mexican Peso Pendant 1926 Wheat Penny Pendant Sterling Silver Bracelet (broken) with 4 Australian coin Pennies (1970s) 1 German Pfennig (1976) 1 Miscellaneous coin All coins in coin holders 1942 of plane flying by US Capitol US 3 Cent Stamp, "Win the War" - drawing of Eagle US 2 ... Read Full Source

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2100 Yr Old GREEK Huge Silver Coin Athens OWL w/ MEDUSA. Beautiful Sterling Silver 12" Candle Stick Holders $20.00 1 1909 Russian gilt silver and niello tea service, offered by an eBay Live auction. Other high flyers from Silver ... Fetch Document

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I used EBAY but I only bought coins that are in the Holders from the companies I mentioned. 12:26 Add to Spare Change Ep01: Coin collecting do's and dont's (gold and silver coins too) by markapsolon 1:46 Add to How to Open a NGC Clear View Tube of Silver Eagle Coins by ... View Video

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5032 Eagle coin holders: 10c (2 packs of 20), 25c (2), 50c (2), SBA $1 (5) plus 2/3 pack of 25c. Another quality lot destined for ebay! (17) $80 $120 5439 $1 1993 Landcare "Coin Fair" silver "Long Box" proofs in boxes of issue (outer card box flts). ... Return Document

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EBAY Auction July 2010 1U Coin Sets 4 US Proof sets (1988-1991 - in covers) US Congressional Coins (1989 - $1, ½ 3U Coins in Hard Plastic Covers/plastic holders 1943 Coin Set - penny to Half Dollar 3 Morgan 73 Coins - 1909 VDB, 1913-D ) Lincoln Head Cent Collection 1941- (87 Coins) 2 Silver Eagle ... Fetch Document

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2000 2x2 cardboard holders US silver Eagle 2000 Unc Peace silver dollar 1923 XF/AU P.G. County Coin Club sterling "Peace Cross" medal, 1974 BU American Eagle $1 silver 1988 (key date) Prf ... Fetch Full Source

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2006-s San Francisco Mint Silver Dollar Ngc Pr69 Pf69 http://eBay.com - au3000 The first American Silver Eagle coin was struck in San 1:33 Add to #159 no phys. holders talking about assays CRASH JP MORGAN BUYY silVer by michaelsam9 98 views ... View Video

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Set, Calculators, Marbles, tokens, coin holders, butterfly boxes, Eight track player, Brass eagle, dog, oriental lot, Samurai Many people have asked us how do you sell things on Ebay? Silver Eagle and Gold Coin Shop 4979 West 130 th ... View Full Source