American Eagle Silver Dollar

Considered the authorized silver bullion coin of the United States of America, the American Eagle Silver Dollar was first unveiled by the US Mint in November 1986. It features a one-troy ounce size, and has a standard face value of one dollar, and is assured to contain one troy ounce, and features 99.99% pure silver.

Weight, Content and Purity: Certified by the US Mint
The production of the American Eagle Silver Dollar is authorized by Title II of the Public Law 99-61, or the Liberty Coin Act of July 9, 1985. Its weight, content and purity are certified by the United States Mint. The US Mint has also manufactured a proof version, as well as an uncirculated version for all coin collectors. The American Eagle Silver Dollar is produced in three locations: the Philadelphia Mint, the West Point Mint and the San Francisco Mint. This coin may also be used for funding your retirement account investments.

American Eagle Silver Dollar Design
The Silver Eagle Dollar’s design was derived from the “Walking Liberty” design, and was made by Adolph Weinman, that was originally used in the Walking Liberty Half Dollar coin from 1916 to 1947. Since this design became a popular one, and was considered to be one of the most well-appreciated coin designs of any US coin in modern times, it was revitalized for use with the Silver Eagle a few decades later. The coin’s obverse is inscribed with the year of minting and issuance, and features the word Liberty, as well as the phrase “In God we Trust”. The coin’s reverse side is also inscribed with the phrases UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 1 OZ FINE SILVER ONE DOLLAR, and the Latin phrase PLURIBUS UNUM, as well as the applicable mintmark.

Silver Eagle Dollar Value
The mintage, bullion price as well as proof of uncirculated American Eagle Silver Dollar coins have varied, and prospective coin collectors are advised to first check with a standard reference book before purchasing any of these. The bullion versions are usually minted in millions, while the uncirculated and proof versions were issued in hundreds of thousands. The bullion issue dates are not that expensive, and range for as much as $20 for the 2009 version, and are also traded at a small premium above its intrinsic value of silver.

Some issues however sell for considerable sums, like the 1995-W proof, which goes for $4,500 as of 2009, as well as the 2006 20th Anniversary set, which contains a special “Reverse-proof” coin, along with a regular-proof coin, along with the new Burnished Uncirculated coin, which runs for $300 as of 2009. These bullion coin variants also feature face values of $1, which refers to their legal value and reflects the issue and monetized value of the coins. All these bullion coins are legal tender for public and private debts, and have a $1 face value.

Uncirculated American Eagle Silver Dollar
The uncirculated versions of the American Eagle Silver Dollar were issue by the United States Mint from 2006 to 2008. These were manufactured at the West Point Mint, and bore the “W” mintmark. These coins were also made using in specially burnished material, and were often called burnished uncirculated, and uncirculated. The uncirculated coins were them minted in 2009.

Special-Issue American Eagle Silver Dollar
The United States Mint issued a proof coin that was minted at West Point, and it was called as the 19-W Proof Silver Eagle, which was sold as part of the 10th anniversary of the American Eagle Five Coin Set. These included four 1995-W proof coins weighing 1 troy ounce, ½ troy ounce, ¼ troy ounce and 1/10 troy ounce sizes. As part of the 20th anniversary of the American Silver Eagle program, the US Mint also issued special reverse-proof American Eagle Silver Dollar coins in 2006. These were released as part of the 3-coin set that included the regular-proof coin, as well as the blemished uncirculated variant.

The current global recession created a large demand for precious metals, as these served as a useful hedge against inflation. However, the increased demand for precious metals took its toll on the American Eagle Silver Dollar, and sales were temporarily suspended in February 2008. However, in March 2008, the demand for these silver coins surged, as sales increased almost ten-fold from the previous month.

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American Eagle Silver Dollar Guide

2000 American Eagle Silver Dollar in full color 999 fine Beautiful In Color for $35.99. 1988 US MINT BOXED UNCIRCULATED LIBERTY EAGLE ESTATE SALE CLEARANCE SALE for $110.99. 1995 AMERICAN EAGLE SILVER DOLLAR SHARP BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED for $39.50. 1992 Silver American Eagle NGC MS69 MS 69 for $32.50. 2000 Silver American Eagle NGC MS69 MS 69 for $34.50. 1996 Silver American Eagle NGC MS69 MS 69 for $89.50. 1994 Silver American Eagle NGC MS69 MS 69 for $69.50. 1998 Silver American Eagle NGC MS69 MS 69 for $49.50. 2005 Silver American Eagle NGC MS69 MS 69 for $32.50.
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